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Let Freedom Ring

As America celebrates its 243rd Birthday, one has to reflect on the meaning behind the holiday and everything for which it stands.  As 13 colonies, we stood together as one unit to fight against our parent country. We stood. Together. Fighting for independence and freedom – building our relationship as a separate Union. The 13 colonies developed solid relationships – with each other.  From its inception, the United States of America was built on relationships and our connections to each other. We were working together to reach a common goal.

Today, the construct of Independence Day is somewhat blurred by BBQs, fireworks and beach days. It’s not a bad way to commemorate the day of our nation’s birth – by enjoying fanfare, family, camaraderie and moments with each other. Celebrating our commonalities and our universal goals. Realizing that our nation was born on this very concept of a common goal makes the celebration of our nation’s birthday all the more poignant. We fought as one. As a people, we bonded together for our freedoms. We worked hard and won. Despite political and social differences amongst our people, we were bonded together by that one successful quest for freedom. We became free because of our relationships and willingness to work together.

In today’s unstable environment, these are important concepts to hold close and true. In a volatile world with increasing discrepancies and chasms amongst the people, it’s important to remember what connects us and what drives us together. Our commonalities will move us forward as individuals and as a group. Our relationships to each other fuel our forward moving path. In truth, without our interpersonal connections, we as individuals are not as strong. Without communication, it’s much more difficult to reach our individual and collective goals. We need our connections and the ability to communicate in order to progress – both as individuals and as groups. In truth, celebrating the birthday of America reminds us of how important it is to work together, to connect with one another and to strengthen our relationships with one another.

Without the ability to communicate, without interpersonal relationships and without our strong connections – the United States of America would not exist today.

Hold close and true your connections to each other. Cherish your relationships. If communication is broken down – because of hearing, processing or other issues – find ways to strengthen those pathways. All the tools we need to progress forward and to work through the most challenging times of our present – all the tools we need for happiness and success – are the same as those that drove us forward in the past.

Connections. Relationships. Communication.

The backbone on which everything is built. The true meaning of freedom lies within these connections.

Happy Birthday America! May we as a nation and individuals within it continue to progress forward – using our relationships with each other to help in our mobility.

Have a Safe and Happy July 4th from our BBQs at New York Speech and Hearing to yours!  www.ny-sh.com

Written by New York Speech and Hearing

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