• Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss causes communication breakdown that impacts quality of life.

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  • Hearing Aids

    Do I need hearing aids?

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  • Tinnitus

    You don’t have to live with ringing in your ears.

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  • Musicians and Audiophiles

    You Want the Best Sound…We Will Help You Find Your Sound.

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  • Voice

    Is your voice healthy?

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Earth Day and Hearing Healthcare

Take a step outside…Look around you…our environment is so beautiful! Every body of water glistens and every piece of greenery sparkles. The squirrels bounce around the grass, burrowing for nuts. The beaver gnaws at a tree trunk – its meal for the day. The raccoon tip-toes across the path, looking for its next meal. The Continue Reading

Spring, Holidays, and the Sounds of the Season

Finally! The snow has melted, revealing the green grass below. The buds are starting to pop up and some little birds have started coming back into town for the warmer months. Yes – spring is here!! Many of us are still full from the Easter meals we have enjoyed over the weekend…others are rounding off Continue Reading