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Snow Days & Hearing Health

It’s snowing in the NYC area – one of the last snows we will experience in the winter of 2018-2019. If you stand back, you can enjoy the beauty of the day and the season. Of course, we can make the most out of our experience and give attention to our hearing health too.  Here are some tips to make the most out of a beautiful snow day:

  1. Go Out and Play!

The excitement of being outside increases adrenaline and helps to naturally raise serotonin levels. It’s also great exercises! But be aware! The cold weather and wind can be brutal on your ears, causing pain and possible hearing loss. Wear your earmuffs and warm hats to protect yourself accordingly. Have Fun!

  1. Clean up the snow

Shoveling sow is a great form of exercise and, for some, improves camaraderie amongst your peers (everyone in your neighborhood is doing the same thing). Do you use a snowblower? Snowblowers can peak between 95dBA and 100dBA so be sure to wear hearing protection while you are clearing the snow.

  1. Listen

There is something so peaceful about the sounds on a snowy day. The soft whirl of the snowflakes…even if the wind is heavy, the howl brings upon a state of calmness. The crunch of  snow boots on the fresh snow…the squeals of joy as kids nearby are building snowmen and riding in sleds. Staying inside? There is absolutely nothing better than the sound of a fire as the snow falls beautifully outside.  Listen around you to the sounds of the snow – they are some of the most inspiring sounds ever.

  1. Stay Home

Keep inside – warm and cozy and be productive inside. Studies show that when we show our homes some love and have the time to give to make it everything we want to be – that we are more content individuals. Use the time inside to spend with you family – play games the emphasize communication and your relationships with each other. Happiness starts at home with our families.

  1. Cook Dinner

Take the time to fill the air of your home with the warm aromas of a vegetable soup – filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Put fish on the grill – studies show that eating fish is good for healthy hearing! Throw a little cayenne pepper on your meal – it’s a vaso-dialator and can help reduce tinnitus and increase blood flow to the hearing sense organ. Use the time to eat healthy!

  1. Rest

We are more productive, loving individuals if we take some time to rest. A snow day is the perfect day to do that! Further, we can hear better and understand clearer if we are well rested and not stressed. Everyday life has its own stressors – take this special snow day to disconnect, rest and focus on better hearing and understanding.

What? Snow isn’t your thing? Don’t worry – there’s only 17 days until Spring!

Happy Snow Day!

Written by New York Speech and Hearing

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