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Toys for Tots and Giving Back

This year marks our second year as being a part of the Toys for Tots campaign, and our campaign was incredibly successful!

It is with great pleasure and honor that we participate in this program.

As a child, I helped to spearhead a Toys for Tots campaign in elementary school and was moved by the meaning of of the program when the Marines came to pick up the toys at the time. The thought of children suffering and losing the innocence of their childhood holiday fueled a lifelong desire to give back and to pay special attention to those in need or who are suffering.

At New York Speech and Hearing, we try our hardest to give back throughout the year. We do our best to raise awareness for several causes – including, but not limited to, hearing healthcare. We participate in walks, fundraisers, auctions and events that provide focus and resources to people who present with various struggles and are in need. Although we cannot formulate solutions to all of the social, medical and economic struggles that are faced, it brings us great satisfaction to continue trying to do our part in participating.

As the holidays approach and the year’s end draws near, we are looking to build more programs into our system that address these issues, raise awareness and give support to those who are in need.

The truth is that the best gift we can give to each other is that of sensitivity and understanding. Everyone has a struggle of some sort – and people deal with their struggles in different ways. Offering sensitivity, understanding, compassion – and of course communication – is really the best way of giving back every day of the year. Nobody truly knows when somebody could really use any of those things to help fight the battles we do not know or cannot see.





Written by New York Speech and Hearing

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