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    Hearing loss causes communication breakdown that impacts quality of life.

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Diana McAuley is the Office Manager at New York Speech and Hearing. She holds an Associate in Applied Science in Office Administration and Technology from Queensborough Community College coupled with 30 years of experience in health care office administration. She has been instrumental in the organizational restructure of New York Speech and Hearing, and will continue to manage the overall processes. Fun Fact! Diana was the office manager in the rehabilitation department at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. It was there, 15 years ago, that she first met Dr. Melissa Heche, who was working there as a speech-language pathologist at the time. Contact her at dmcauley@ny-sh.com

Favorite Sounds:

  • Snow crunching under feet
  • Running stream
  • Clicking on a keyboard

Disliked Sounds:

  • Sneakers squeaking on a wood floor
  • Train screeching into the station
  • Knuckles cracking 


Ariel McAuley is the Senior Office Assistant at New York Speech and Hearing. She is currently a student at Queens College studying Exercise Science with a minor in Dance. Her goal is to eventually become a Physician Assistant. She welcomes any challenge with open arms and will go to great extents to help others accomplish their goals. Ariel is an avid dancer and musical theatre enthusiast, and participates regularly in community theater. She grew up in New York City. As a future healthcare professional, Ariel is excited to be working in the field. She has become an integral part of the the New York Speech & Hearing team!   Contact her at amcauley@ny-sh.com.

Favorite Sounds:

  • Peeling plastic off of new electronics.
  • The pop when you open a bottle of Snapple
  • Perfectly synchronized tap dancing
  • An all male chorus

Disliked Sounds:

  • Utensils scraping on a plate
  • Teeth grinding
  • Microphone feedback


Alexis Leiderman is an Office Assistant at New York Speech and Hearing. She is a first year graduate student in the AuD program at CUNY Graduate Center and holds a B.S. degree in Integrative Neuroscience from Binghamton University. Alexis became interested in hearing healthcare when her brother was fit with cochlear implants after having been diagnosed with a profound hearing loss at age 3. Having accompanied him to several appointments, she was so inspired that she decided to pursue audiology as a career. Her experience as an intern and a research volunteer has fueled herpassion in audiology.

Alexis is an active flute player and enjoys singing. She is an Adirondack 46er and has climbed all of New York State’s highest mountains. Contact her at aleiderman@ny-sh.com

Favorite sounds:

  • The rush of wind on top of a mountain summit
  • The crackling of a bonfire
  • Leaves rustling
  • Orchestral music

Disliked sounds:

  • People coughing
  • Very loud sirens
  • Chalk screeching on a blackboard