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Hello November!

To our patients, thank you for trusting me with your hearing healthcare needs.

I want to share with you a new update in the hearing industry that may affect you.

Earlier this year, a new “smart” hearing aid came on the market. Before I discussed it with you, I wanted to check it out for myself first.

I’m happy to tell you that it really is an all-around great hearing aid that I’d recommend to any of my patients. In fact, I was impressed with the rich, clear sound that the technology provided.

You may have heard about these “smart” hearing aids on CNN or The Wall Street Journal where they were talking about the fact that they also connect to smartphones and other audio devices, so you can hear phone calls, TV audio, or even music directly in your ears. I think you’d definitely benefit from trying these hearing aids even if you don’t have a smartphone.

I’ve opened up my schedule to demonstrate this new technology to my existing patients before I offer it to new patients.

Although there is absolutely no obligation to buy, I’d like to show my appreciation for your business by offering you a special discount to try these new hearing aids for yourself. I really do think you’ll find that they bring noticeable improvement to your hearing as well as more control and functionality via your smartphone.

And as a way of saying thanks, we are able to offer a
special 20% trade-in benefit to our existing patients, good through the end of the year!

Please call our office at (212) 203-0699 to schedule a special demonstration of this new technology.







Written by New York Speech and Hearing

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